7 tips for disinfecting your vehicles against Coronavirus

According to the Center For Disease Control (CDC): “It may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes, but this is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads.”

The more severe Coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak is getting day by day. More measures need to be taken to maintain vigilance to limit the spread of contamination across these times. It is advised that traveling, social activities, and social interactions be minimized over the next several weeks to mitigate the chance of virus infection. So, it’s all the more crucial that the vehicle is sanitized at this period to preserve the safety of you and your family.

Below are a few important measures you need to take to clean your car in the fight against Coronavirus.

Vacuum your car Regularly

Your vehicle absorbs and gathers dust, and the Indian climate does not help in minimizing that. It’s advisable to vacuum clean the vehicle on a daily basis to prevent infections. Make sure you scrub and dust the carpets, seat cushions, gears, levers, and more, even up to the cargo area. Clean the seats with warm soapy water or get it steam washed by an expert. Fabric seats happen to absorb microbes and can be a breeding area for contaminants. It is necessary to wipe down the center panel, equipment cluster, and door locks on a routine basis.

Clean the surfaces and accessories that are mostly touched.

Make absolutely sure you scrub high-touch objects and surfaces with a disinfectant cleaner or produce your own ammonia-based decontaminating products. It covers all the keys, doors, pushes buttons, displays, and more. Be sure the solvent is filtered because the acidic compounds will affect the plastic or glass surface of the screen display in the concentrated state. It is typically better to add the substance to a fabric and then clean the inside to mitigate any harm. It does not matter when, whether you are driving regularly or coming back from a trip during this Coronavirus pandemic, it would be best to clean your car door, start button, your vehicle key, your alarm, and even your car door grips and handles. Wherever and whenever your hands come into touch with some other surface, you must disinfect it.

You might even take a sponge and use it around the door handle as well as your keys. Take all the time you need, and ensure that all the objects you touched are thoroughly cleaned.

Get your hands on the Grey areas!

While you might not be willing to reach them, there are a ton of areas in your vehicle that you are in contact with. Headrest, window glass, and Headliner are only a couple areas that see daily contact but hardly ever cleaned properly, so make sure you’re getting your car a good clean-up. Don’t forget to clean the exteriors of your car that you touch regularly.

Disinfect the HVAC system

The HVAC system circulates the air in the car and can bear a variety of contaminants and bacteria. The best approach is to just decontaminate and clean the entire system deep down to the exhaust system and the air filters. As summers are close, this is a perfect time for the system to be deep-cleaned, and the coolant replenished. Ensure you disconnect and wipe the cabin filter right behind the glove box and spray it with an antiseptic before placing it back in. You’ll always find aerosol-based AC disinfectant spray cleaner for your car online, although they might not be 100% effective they might work when you are tackling something as harmful as COVID-19.When you choose to go to a qualified detailer, you may even request for Ozone service, which involves the experts to spray ozone molecules that target and break down all forms of mould, infection, or contamination in your vehicle. You could also call for steam cleaners to disinfect the interior, which also minimizes contaminants.

Disinfect all the toys and gadgets

Be extra careful when you have a baby on board! When you have kids riding in your vehicle, do the cleaning of all the toys in your vehicle. Plush toys are easy to wipe with detergent, although tough plastics may be wiped down and disinfected by pouring a cleaner and bleach to a water bucket. Of course, You should follow the guidelines before cleaning. It will be a wise idea to wash and disinfect certain places that sometimes come into touch with babies, such as the backs of the car seats, while inside the vehicle.

If you have a safety seat for a kid, we would suggest that you detach it and clean it properly and install it in the vehicle again. The same refers to smartphones or other mobile devices that kids might use throughout their ride in the vehicle. Wipe smaller holding bags, plastic containers, and even seatbelts from time to time.

Keep Your Car’s Carpets Pristine Clean

Having mats and carpets that are clean will help you reduce the risk of being sick. This would also allow you to breathe better and bring you good health, too. When you can’t find a car cleaner, consider getting a microfiber fabric or a wet wipe and spray the cloth with a little disinfectant mist. Then clean the carpet by wiping the cloth over them. You should try and pick some of the grains on the mats you see. This technique works as the next easiest thing when a car vacuum is not feasible.

Store and Stock Sanitizers, Masks, and wet wipes

It’s a great idea to build a little kit with alcoholic hand sanitizers, wet wipes, and masks in the glove compartment. Wet wipes can also help you disinfect surfaces and areas in the car that are regularly touched, such as the steering wheel, car door handles, gearshift lever, hand brake lever, and other buttons. The aim is to keep the vehicle as sterile as possible to prevent contaminants.


The Coronavirus pandemic can be controlled, and while the field of research is doing its best to hold the cure in place, we must do our part and make a difference. Unless you are really close to finding a treatment for COVID-19, try to wash your hands frequently, stop rubbing your face, observe social boundaries, and prevent public meetings. If you ever exhibit symptoms of the virus, please get vaccinated and quarantine yourself to prevent the spread of the disease. But always try to remain calm, because humanity is going to get out of this. So Before you every ride in your vehicle, it may be a smart idea to wash your hands properly. Researchers claim you must spend 20-25 seconds to wash your hands. Some experts claim that there is actually little variation between anti-bacterial soap and normal soap. It’s actually the amount of time you take to wash that destroys the bacteria. You can even wear gloves while driving.

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