How To Choose The Right Tyre For Your Vehicle?

Do you demand that everything you have is of the highest quality and above any criticism?

A perfect holiday vacation, ravishing hotel, and most importantly a journey that is a blend of fun and comfort at its peak. But, at one point we have to realise that everything can’t be perfect and there is always a room for imperfection.

If you agree with me, maybe what I say next would also excite you.

In the world full of imperfections, the last thing you would want is your vehicle not being able to deliver the potential it has, just because you chose a not so right tyre.

So thus what might excite you is: The endless benefits of having the right type of tyres for your vehicle.

First things first, it impacts significantly on all aspects of your driving experience and provides a strong foundation for the safety of your car. Consider this; these are the only components of your vehicle touching the ground. So whether the terrain is rocky and jagged, plain or barren, or you are driving on choppy mountainous routes, it’s these tyres that bear the dynamics of your journey.
Although overlooked most of the time, it would not be wrong to say that the performance of your vehicle depends substantially on the quality and the type of tyres used. And rightly so, when a component is this essential and given the vast amount of options available in the market, you ought to get perturbed when you think of purchasing one.
Fret not, by following the below tips, you might end up having the most suitable tyre for your vehicle.
So shall we start?

Congruence between right tyre and type of vehicle

Once you intend to fork out your hard-earned money for a brand new tyre or a range of tyres, take a moment, and make a checklist of the following things you need to take into consideration:
What kind of vehicle do you own? SUV, sedan, wagon, diesel, sports cars and all those different kinds. Because each different vehicle has a different kind of tyre requirement.
Second, the driving style involved. It applies to a variety of activities, such as frequent travelling, long-distance drives, travelling to and from work only.
All these would help you narrow down your choices of tyres available for your vehicle.

All the know-about of right tyre

From the brand value of the manufacturer to the warranty period, from the date of manufacturing to the rubber material used in the tyre from choosing between Tube-type or Tubeless tyres to selecting a budget-friendly tyre, everything needs to be known before you make your decision. Never settle for something mediocre which you might repent later.

Size of tyre matters

You can’t be compromising on buying the incorrect size of the tyre for your vehicle. The size of a tyre can be depicted by three parts:

  • the size of the rim,
  • the width of the tread of the tyre and
  • the height of the sidewalls.

If you purchase a tyre that is too small in size, then you are risking yours and your vehicle’s safety by reducing the safety standard with an enormous margin. However, if you’re too determined to adjust the size of your tyre, speak to an expert in advance so that they can consult you and give you just the right advice about the context.

Check those Patterns on Tyres

Do you know why different tyres have different tread patterns on them? Do you know the role played by these patterns? Well, the answers can be summed up in one line: these patterns will determine your driving experience in different weather conditions, especially in monsoons. You can choose your type of tread patterns from the list of different types available, for example conventional, uni-directional, asymmetric etc.

Tyre fuels your budget

We all are aware of the fact that vehicles release many crude elements e in air. But the question is what we are doing on our part to reduce it. Well, do you know your tyres can affect the amount of fuel your vehicle gets through? Purchasing energy-saving tyres will help in reducing fuel usage which ultimately is healthy for our green planet. Nonetheless, there is indeed a trade-off that you need to be mindful of: A tyre that is crafted to save on gas would have less of what is regarded as “rolling resistance.” So do your homework well.

Audience Poll

The interesting thing about research is that it is the easiest way of gathering information. The technology gives you access to a plethora of options, choices, reviews, and suggestions before you make an informed decision. So why not use this information to look for the right choice of tyres for your vehicle? Plus, it might change your perspective towards tyres and you might opt for an upgrade.

So with this, we have done our part, and now it’s your turn for action. A pinch of right knowledge and awareness would help you to select a tyre that goes well with your vehicle.
Now, the important question is-
Are you among those who understand the importance of the right tyres for your vehicles? Or are you the one who chose to ignore them anyway?

Visit PKS

The choice lies with you. But, if you wish to consider an expert opinion, we are here to serve you at each step. From choosing the right tyre size to suggesting different brands, we have it all. Get your tire quote either online or stop by our local store to consult with a knowledgeable tire technician today.

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